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Don't be nervous about your dental appointment!  Each room is equipped with the ability to dispense Nitrous Oxide.  Nitrous

(sometimes called laughing gas) allows the patient to feel more relaxed while still being able to communicate, and since the effects of the gas wear off instantly you are able to still go to work or school or go about your day right after your appointment!

Nitrous Oxide

Belmont Panoramic X-ray

The Belmont X-Calibur Panoramic X-Ray Machine allows for a 360 degree X-ray of the patients mouth allowing Dr. Sandhu to see all

of the patients teeth on a single image. This X-Ray differs from traditional X-Rays and is used to see wisdom teeth anatomy, detect root fractures and to diagnose any periodontal (gum) problems.

The Intraoral Camera is a special camera designed to photograph the inside of the patients mouth.  This helps Dr. Sandhu see parts of the mouth that are hard to access, much more clearly.  It also allows the patient to get a better understanding of the treatment they require by providing a clear indication that the treatment is indeed required for dental health to be preserved.

Intraoral Camera

Here at Tampa Bay Dental Associates we are pleased to provide you with digital radiographs (usually called x-rays).  This technology allows us to instantly obtain the image from the sensor onto the computer screen without waiting for the film to develop, making your visit much more efficient.  Digital radiographs also expose the patient to much less radiation than typical X-rays. 

Digital Radiographs